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Rajamouli S.S.Rajamouli - Renowned Film Maker

Mr. Mouli stated that he knows a bit about animation and graphics generally which are used in films, and have heard that many institutions are providing courses for a period of 4 to 6 months. He added up saying I wondered what children would do in such a short period, but one of my friends told me that IACG an academy based in Hyderabad is offering a 4 Year BMM course in the stream of multimedia and I am very happy to know that. He added up by saying art is not so easy to learn; you need to strive for it, it might by painting, Drawing or any form of art unless you put your heart in it you will not get the result.

Further he said that you have selected a path of hardship and passion and you should strive hard till the end to achieve your passion. I have seen your gallery in which your paintings and sculptures were displayed, I am happy & sad both at the same time because you have come up with your own ideas as well you have borrowed some of it.

I am not saying that the students have done something wrong, definitely they should borrow ideas and get influenced by outer sources but should keep the influence to a limit, do not make the influence your originality and do not let your original creativity vanish.


Murali Mohan - 'MAA' Association President

There is no surprise in saying that graphics is a major part of todays film industry globally and domestically.These graphics are a medium to show enthralling effects and unmatched creativity which is a boon to the vision.





AVS - Film Maker

The mystic evolution the project done by the students of International Academy of Computer Graphics is fabulous and mind blowing…Really this short film is an example for the new sophisticated technology which will be a major weapon for today's youth. I expect all the cast and crew of the mystic evolution to create more such short films and use is for social awareness .

I also believe that the team would also be successful commercially and wish them once again hearty congratulations.




Mr. Kodi Ramakrishna - Film Director

First of all let me congratulate the Students & Mentors of IACG for the success of their short film “The Mystic Evolution”. He further added that multimedia is not just about drawing and delivering some technicalities but it also should have a creative approach and the students have IACG have proved that their creative vision is commendable.

In the recent days we have been seeing many movies on natural calamities and earth destruction done by various Hollywood production houses; but after watching this short film done by Indian students I started believing that Indian artists and students can equally produce outputs as others with a very nominal budget.

Every one watches movies and enjoys the essence of it, but it is also important to know the effort behind it and I really would like to appreciate the 24 students who have worked day and night to bring out such a short film.

Creative directors like me would like to see much more projects with the same level of creativity and I believe academy like IACG should get its share of appreciation for giving us such good films. He finally concluded by saying that I am proud to say that we have such good students in the creative fraternity.




Maruthi Shankar - CEO, 7Seas Technologies Limited

I Personally like the model that you have created and the effect that have been added in the short film. With this kind of an output we can rock the world.





Navin Venkatesh - Production Manager, Sony Image Works

The work what I have seen is great and amazing. For a student level of entry this is really fantastic and absolutely great work. I believe the team has put in a lot of effort and enthusiasm and appreciate the faculty for providing such a level of training to them.





Prabhu EFX - Line Producer, CG

I congratulate the BMM -06 students of IACG for their effort put in the project…To be very honest I was taken away by the work and the way the students have been mentored and nurtured.

Seeing the quality of your work I think no distance is far for you, wish you all the very best…




Rahul Nambiar - CEO, Tickle Bug

This is a team of soldiers who know how to fight and be in the battle field. If the pattern of teaching can be streamed in such   a manner as of what IACG have done and students are exposed to the production pipe line, I think the students can handle     any kind of pressure in their future endeavors. This is the first step of your journey guys and it is indeed a very




Rajat Ojha- PMP, Zen Technologies

Mr. Ramakrishna has showed me the video done by the students, which is mind blowing stuff and it is unimaginable that this quality has been secured in a span of 4.5 months and the quality of work is world class. All the aspects of VFX, Modeling, Texturing & Lighting & Rigging, and Animation are of production level.

I really wish all the team a good luck for their careers ahead.




Ram – Chief Editor, Sakshi

Hai everbody it is great joy to see what you have done is, it is a very rare feat and I had a feeling of watching an international film. I have seen the effort, the difficulties faced by you In this video and I am sure there are very few people like you.

I want to congratulate everyone in the team personally for their effort and make India proud by many such projects.

God bless you...




Rama Krishna - VFX Supervisor, VENSAT

First of all let me congratulate the team of mystic evolution for the very good work.

I have seen many outputs previously but such level of output from the students for the first time.

I once again appreciate you for the work done and will ask IACG to provide us such students.




Sameet Gupte - VFX Supervisor, EFX

I have seen you film and want to congratulate all of you for completing a brilliant job in 4.5 months.

You are there in the field already and probably you are a competition to many.

Join the industry soon and take Indian VFX base to high levels.

I appreciate IACG for providing production level training for students and I must say that the next breed of artists is ready.




Satish - Production Head, Gemini Studio

I congratulate the students of IACG for doing such a wonderfulshow reel. The idea in itself is nice and it really showcases their talent in the various aspects of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging & Animation.

After a long time I have seen a good show reel presented to me by the students. My sincere wishes to the boys who have done this short film and I am sure there are many companies out there who are waiting for such talent.




Vijay Bhaskar - VFX Operations Head, 7Crest

Hi guys the video what I have seen is really nice and I think this team can take India ahead from the present scenario and to add up be patient and follow what the mentors say & keeping adding more spice to your work. Have good spirit and all the best.





Viral Thakkar - CG Head VFX, Pixion

The film is quiet good it is a very good effort, People can come up with flaws in it but students should take it in a positive way. Finishing this kind of a project in 4.5 months is really appreciable and if given more time

I think these students can do a very good job. Hats off to your team work.




Abhishek - Creative Head, Futureworks Media Ltd

Considering this as a student I think all of them have done a nice job, there is a lot of scope to be improved on different areas but doing this project for the first time after finishing their final year they have done a very good work in their respective fields.

There is no looking back now and you still have hardest hurdles to cross…Pack your bags and ready to do a great work.


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