Workshop & Seminars


We are glad to share that there was a presentation about Great Indian Sticker Challenge by the Hike Team and it was really awesome.

The Great Indian Sticker Challenge competition was conducted to our students.


Think3D Competition:

Think3D is a production company dealing with 3D printouts of a given 3D Model. The 3D Modelling abilities of IACGians were competed among each other to portray various models in 3D Printouts. The main concept behind this competition was to extract basic idea about 3D Modelling for a 3D Printer utilizing the given resources at the optimum levels and also showcase their creative abilities in the form of 3D Models.

Once again IACG has been given an opportunity to get the valuable inputs in the form of a workshop by Crest Animations. Mr. Dibyalochan has conducted the workshop in the beginning of this month for the students and has given many a priceless contribution about the Hair & Fur techniques. He shared his experiences of working with “Alpha & Omega” about its technical aspects. He appreciated the works of students of BMM as well as M. Sc Multimedia.

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