Getting an admission in IACG is a dream was a dream comes true for me as I always aspired to be a multimedia professional. Having completed my graduation I feel I was in the right place for 4 years. Rakesh Chakraborthy

The Cirqus

The perfect platform for students to develop & prove their talent; Maintaining a professional atmosphere, teaches students to be disciplined, motivated, creative and hard-working. Sheena Sankhla


I like my imagination to know no boundaries and I respect my college for giving wings to my imagination. My college is a place to freak out along with learning new things and I shall always be proud to be a part of IACG. P Soujanya

Dream Works

“CONNECT” & “TRANSFORM” are the two keywords that we religiously follow to make a better tomorrow, for our students’ community. It’s not purely on business development lines, also builds a great network among our students’ community and also with the external world, which may turn into a big lead in our students’ golden career. It’s our wish for our students.

Caution Deposit

Please apply here to claim caution deposit for BMM, SAM & MSC batches