Admissions Procedure

IACG welcomes students who possess creative skills, a thirst to do something different with their lives and a burning passion towards their work. Excellent marks or name in the merit list is not our criteria to grant admittance to our institution. We are in search of a mind full of imagination and hands full of creative strokes, those who can see the world through their eyes and manage to show it in their work.

Academic Eligibility:

Often, our students come from Arts or Commerce background, although, our stellar industry experience has taught us that one can do well provided they are passionate about what they want to do, especially in the fields of animation and similar creative fields. We welcome students from all walks of life and discipline

We strongly recommend the following key skills (Qualities):

  • Passion towards the field
  • Creative approach to the subject
  • Determination to succeed.
  • An Interest in sketching (don’t worry if you haven’t learnt it, we just look for the interest)
  • An inquisitive mind, always ready to explore

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