S.S.Rajamouli – Renowned Film Maker

Mr. Mouli stated that he knows a bit about animation and graphics generally which are used in films, and have heard that many institutions are providing courses for a period of 4 to 6 months. He added up saying I wondered what children would do in such a short period, but one of my friends told me that IACG an academy based in Hyderabad is offering a 4 Year BMM course in the stream of multimedia and I am very happy to know that. He added up by saying art is not so easy to learn; you need to strive for it, it might by painting, Drawing or any form of art unless you put your heart in it you will not get the result.

Further he said that you have selected a path of hardship and passion and you should strive hard till the end to achieve your passion. I have seen your gallery in which your paintings and sculptures were displayed, I am happy & sad both at the same time because you have come up with your own ideas as well you have borrowed some of it.

I am not saying that the students have done something wrong, definitely they should borrow ideas and get influenced by outer sources but should keep the influence to a limit, do not make the influence your originality and do not let your original creativity vanish.


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