Kodi Ramakrishna – Film Director

First of all let me congratulate the Students & Mentors of IACG for the success of their short film “The Mystic Evolution”. He further added that multimedia is not just about drawing and delivering some technicalities but it also should have a creative approach and the students have IACG have proved that their creative vision is commendable.

In the recent days we have been seeing many movies on natural calamities and earth destruction done by various Hollywood production houses; but after watching this short film done by Indian students I started believing that Indian artists and students can equally produce outputs as others with a very nominal budget.

Every one watches movies and enjoys the essence of it, but it is also important to know the effort behind it and I really would like to appreciate the 24 students who have worked day and night to bring out such a short film.

Creative directors like me would like to see much more projects with the same level of creativity and I believe academy like IACG should get its share of appreciation for giving us such good films. He finally concluded by saying that I am proud to say that we have such good students in the creative fraternity.


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