Why on earth is India so obsessed with creating Engineers? This is a question that must have popped in your heads a few times. Why only engineers, or doctors, why are people going into various streams, from animation to commerce, law or even social work frowned upon?

There are various reasons for this to happen, to put it bluntly, the generation of parents right now grew up in a time where being an Engineer meant a comfortable upper middle class life, which ensured a comfortable living for themselves and their families. This is also the generation that believed in raising families as the only way to be responsible in life, hence the word ‘settled’ is only used when a person gets married and starts a family, as if that is their only goal in life.

Life is an adventure, an adventure created by those who aren’t just in engineering fields. There are various fields which a student can take up in their life time, but the cornerstone of people enjoying what they do is to enjoy what they do. The problem here, then, lies in the fact that many students of the current generation lack the agency to make their own choice, that is to say, the choice of their field of study is made for them by their parents, who have notions developed in a bygone era.

Today, engineers are dime a dozen. Some engineers chase their dreams and get into more creative fields of work, like programming as a freelancer or going into development work for animated worlds where they create what they envision, but our education system has caused nearly a million new engineers to just study to pass their subjects instead of learning their subject, leading to many unemployable engineers willing to do a job for the lowest pay because they know if they don’t take up the job, someone else in a similar position will replace them like a cog in the machine.

This is not the life we want for our children, where the competition is so fierce and there are legions upon legions of engineers who are unemployable willing to do jobs at the lowest level for negligible pay. The age of engineering ensuring you live a comfortable middle class life is fast disappearing, and we can only hope when the current generation of youth become parents themselves, they realize the folly of the generation before them and fix this.

India is obsessed with engineers because of notions that don’t exist anymore, and it is harming the youth of this country.

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