Object Oriented Programming is a core subject for Computer Science engineers in the various engineering colleges across the country. To many, this is just another subject they need to pass, but do they know that OOP, as it’s called in short, is one of the most important aspects of video game programming?

You see, video games can run anywhere between a few thousand lines of code to millions of lines of code (games like The Witcher cross well beyond a million, even a game as simple as Cut the Rope has 15000 lines of code), but you may be wondering what role OOP plays in this, if you aren’t a CS student. OOP helps organize code in such a way that it becomes easier to maintain and modify, by organizing it into objects.

So why is it, I wonder, that straight out of college, everyone from students, parents and relatives want the student to run the rat race and join an IT company instead of flexing their creative muscle and taking on something more challenging like programming a game? In fact, the more pertinent question here would be, why is engineering associated with IT jobs only? Every line of code written for the best games are written by the best software engineers in the world, there are old time greats like Chris Sawyer, who was such a genius he wrote his first game on his own, completely in machine code, which is pure insanity but he did it anyway. Of course, he did ask the studio backing him to let him go to amusement parks for ‘research’ if you know what I mean, but his genius in coding helped him achieve a herculean task.

You, too, can become like him. Today, game programming is not as hard as it used to be, many studios work with ready-made engine, licensed from creators, while big name studios spend the time and resources to create their own engines, which again requires a lot of programming knowledge, and for this, the video game industry needs -software developers.

You see, pushing a random line of code you found online for your work is not going to do anyone any good, we here at IACG understand the importance of programming in the creative world, not just in gaming. It is crucial to enjoy what you do for a living, so why not let your creative juices flow and work for a studio, coding a video game or a creative mobile app, even a program needed for a creative industry, to life.

Working in the creative industry will enable engineers to experience the closest thing to magic, it is literally creating worlds at your fingertips.

Sadly, the current state of engineering and post engineering are grim. People so obsessed with chasing IT jobs, they forget that their degrees weren’t even in the field of IT, this leads to half-hearted engineers taking the job from another half-hearted CSE and IT graduate, who is forced to work for another company that intentionally keeps fresher salary low and fires experienced staff to avoid paying them a lot, and these people willingly accept these jobs because they know they are expendable. Combine this with the fact that our education system literally encourages rote learning and no practical experience, and we have a legion of unemployable engineers, looking for jobs in fields that don’t want them, in hopes of earning a living, desperately trying to not fall into obscurity and having to make ends meet.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way.

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