When you are a creative person, and you have friends who are into serious IT jobs where they just code and go home without giving anything back to themselves creatively, there are a lot of changes you can see between your two lives, from friends, the hobbies you have and even the food you eat. But more importantly, it’s the people whom you surround yourself with.

Any top-level CEO will tell you the importance of the arts in their lives, and how important fine arts to the future of mankind. As such, go take a look at top level CEOs network list on LinkedIn, also check out famous artists, heads of video game studios and animation studios from across the world and check their networks on LinkedIn.

What is the most common, distinctive factor that you can notice, that you do not see in one who’s not very creative and doesn’t work in a creatively demanding job?

The most obvious: Their profiles are a blast to go through. Creative people tend to take wackier, off the usual path type of projects and deliver them successfully, creating a great profile for themselves in the process, something which inspires confidence.

We here at IACG understand this in our creative students, the need to create and inspire even more of the next generation that’ll follow them is something we take very seriously.

There are more differences in the profiles and networks of creative people against those who are not. Their network lists their fantastic skill set which is for all to see, creative people often engage in projects that inspire and educate many a people, even those who are generally not interested. The primary difference, however, would be in the fact that the glowing endorsements on their profiles are not for some boring task they did, but for creating something truly amazing with their innate talent, and contributing to the industry.

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