We’ve all heard the story of Rhythm and Hues, and studio behind the award-winning visuals of Life of Pi, established a studio in Hyderabad where a lot of work was done for the movie. Of course, the studio with many years of Hollywood experience wasn’t wrong in choosing Hyderabad, of all places, for their studio.

Over the last decade and continuing in this, Hyderabad has expanded rapidly as a tech hub, the crowning jewel of the South with its pool of talented resource, great location, people that are tapped into global culture and appreciate the digital arts and of course, affordable rent, but that’s a story for a completely different blog.

Hyderabad’s potential, however, still remains largely untapped, this is what we aim to change with IACG, by taking creatively potential students under our wing, we aim to train them to meet and go beyond industry expectations, in Hyderabad, across the country and of course, across the world.

Hyderabad, however, has attracted a lot of creative studios and companies over the years. Today we have the globally renowned Electronic Arts in the city, famous for a long list of successful video games, including the Battlefield series and the upcoming Mass Effect series with the latest release Andromeda looming on the horizon, pun intended.

ChotaBheem from GreenGold

Hyderabad is also where Chota Bheem is produced and created, Green Gold Studios based out of Gachibowli, despite what you may think of the series itself, has minted gold with it. Similarly, there are many game studios that crater to the mobile games division. Although Hyderabad lacks a proper AAA studio for games to be developed on dedicated gaming consoles and the PC, it just shows that there is room to grow in this city, and that talent in this city just needs to be tapped.

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