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If you have a passion for animation and always drawn your life around your inspirational cartoons then the animation industry is waiting for you to create records. Explore the exciting courses here. Don’t worry if time is your concern, IACG has taken care of that. These courses are according to your convenience, no fuss at all. Just follow your passion and witness your dreams coming true! Animation is not only restricted to movies, it extends to television and the most popular gaming industry as well. Games! That’s enough to love animation, isn’t it?

Fashion Designing

Designers must have a strong sense of the esthetic—an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty. Fashion designers also need excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Despite the advancement of computer-aided design, sketching ability remains an important advantage in fashion design. Which is why this program focuses not only on basic coursework such as color, textiles, pattern making, fashion history, computer-aided design and design of different types of clothing but also focuses upon business, marketing or merchandising especially for those who want to run their own business or retail store. Coursework also touches upon human anatomy and psychology which is proven to be useful.


Most live action films require VFX work at the post-production stage, along with video editing, sound design, colour grading and so on. VFX, therefore, can create huge employment opportunities. There are hardly any institutes that can comprehensively train students in filmmaking. Unlike many institutes which focus on teaching just the software, IACG through this program focuses on the cognitive skills required to make films or being part of the filmmaking process.

Interior Designing

Education is the best way to get the skills you need to succeed. And in a culture that increasingly embraces DIY design, a degree gives you the credentials required to compete and get clients’ attention.

With its strong professional focus, an IACG education gives you access to internships and designers with real-world experience—invaluable connections that will serve you throughout your career.This program gives you the working knowledge of textiles, materials, color, space planning, software applications for 2D & 3D computer-aided design and building information modeling.


Game Design & Development is the degree program at IACG that best exemplifies the intersection of engineering and art for games and various forms of interactive technology. As the market for computer games and gamification demands visually high detail, fun, interactive, compelling stories and dynamic game play, there is a need for highly skilled people with specialized expertise.

Web and mobile Technologies

Our program, Web and Mobile Development Technologies, is taught by industry experts around leading-edge content, and is designed to give you a firm grounding in strategic web development skills, with a specific focus on mobile development and user experience. The program is designed to help students develop the lifelong skills needed to rise to the challenge and opportunity of emerging technologies and engage in an area which is notoriously high risk and has an increased potential of unreliability.

During the program students will also develop independent research skills to manage risk and identify, recommend and deploy relevant technologies both now and in the future. Throughout the course, students will study with a diverse group like-minded IT professionals, share ideas, and build upon their professional network


In the creation of our school and curriculum, we worked with students and faculty from around the world. We adapted the best ideas and elements from the top university film schools and designed an alternative which provides a thorough grounding in filmmaking, and is also flexible in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

We teach the art and craft of filmmaking through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on film workshops, and immediate directing experience. Students are behind the camera from the first day of class. Students will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that directors face. In addition to writing, producing,directing, and editing their own films, students assist other members of their crews in the roles of director of photography, assistant cameraperson, and gaffer/grip, providing everyone with extensive set experience. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on instruction, our goal is to empower students to artfully, cinematically, and originally tell stories.

Art & Design

Our Art and Design course is a highly flexible interdisciplinary programme of study that encourages you to identify your own individual practices and apply them to a range of real world contexts. After an initial diagnostic period, critical approaches and design methodologies will help your personal development through engagement with external facing ‘live’ projects, collaborative working with both university and other professional organisations, diverse workshop facilities, and a team of academic and technical staff who are all active in a range of professional fields.

You will work on studio and live projects to develop your own practice, whether your interest lies in photography, installation, print, digital media, sculpture, illustration, curatorial practice, textiles, drawing, sound, graphic design, public art or three-dimensional design.Working closely with academic and technical staff, you will develop new skills and approaches to projects which help you gain confidence, helping you to  uncover your own strengths and interests.



Eligibility: Intermediate / 10+2
Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
Certification: JNTU-Hyderabad


This ‘Graduation in Multimedia’ is a unique and India’s First full time program designed in line with national and international industry standards. This program starts with  basics of drawing & computer foundations and then gets into the next level of high-end Creative Arts & Digital media technologies.

In the final semester students will step-out with multiple career internship opportunities or dual certifications under students exchange program with our international partner universities


Eligibility: 10th Class
Duration: 18 months
Certification: IACG/JNAFAU


Specialization in Advanced Multimedia (SAM) Diploma is a unique program with intensive programming combined with art skills, introduced for the creative aspirants from different educational backgrounds and age groups. Earn your Advanced Multimedia Diploma Certificate in Multimedia by enrolling with us. Our systemized management will offer a splendid platform for a bright creative career in their field of interest.

SAM is an exclusive program offered by IACG with 100% job guarantee on a mutual agreement. SAM is recognized and certified by University as Finishing School Diploma maintaining the standards of MESC under NSDC. In addition to the IACG certificate, you can also get certified from JNAFAU under ‘Finishing School Diploma’.


Eligibility: Any Graduate
Duration: 2 Years / 4 Semesters
Certification: JNTU-Hyderabad


This tailor-made M.Sc. program is designed to impart an immersive training starting from basics of Art & Design in the first two semesters and allows them to choose their desired specialization from the third semester onwards. It is designed to carve a student into a techno artist.

This program aims to provide a second opportunity for students in accomplishing their career goals through acquiring contemporary creative skills to prove themselves among the league of creative professionals.


Eligibility: Intermediate or Any Graduate
Duration: 6 Months
Certification: IACG / JNAFAU


IACG is a proud and the only partner with the Govt. of Telangana and AP in the creative fields of Multimedia and Film Making offering free training programs with 100% Job Placement assistance subject to eligibility.

This tailor made government aided program offers specializations in Animation, Vfx, Gaming, Film Making, UI & UX, Web Technologies and Mobile App Development. The students need to apply through government skill development portals, APSSDC or APKWDC, so as to get eligible for these aided or free training programs that comes with an assurance of Job placement. For more details you can login to or and opt for our Finishing School Program in Multimedia.

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