Technology is one of the greatest agents of change in the modern world and it represents a significant opportunity and risk for businesses of all sizes.

Developers play a central role in how we interact with the online world and employment in the IT industry is expected to grow at nearly 5 times over the next decade as per CIO, 2015. With job opportunities for this particular field available in abundance, offering best web designing and mobile app development courses in Hyderabad have become a major challenge to the existing institutions which relied on short term courses.  From the day of inception, IACG believed in nurturing anyone into an artist who can think out of the box. And it takes time to develop creative thinking and artistic skills and hence IACG always offered the best full time graduation and post-graduation course.The demands of our global, data-intensive, knowledge based economy is creating a skills gap and making now the perfect time to gain the skills necessary to meet demand. Web and Mobile development refers to designing, building, creating, and maintaining web and mobile applications. It includes aspects such as design, programming, database management and publishing. While the terms “developer” and “designer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing.

We at IACG not only offer Web Designing and Mobile App Development integrated with Mobile UI and UX courses but also provide expert advice and guidance. Here are the top observations of design trends we foresee in coming years. More Use of Mobile Optimization and Responsive Design, UX Design language taking over, High Adoption of Flat Design, Usage of Simplistic Typography, UI Animation is going to be the next smash hit, Longer Scrolls, Storytelling and Interaction. With more smartphones hitting the market, mobile technologies are quickly becoming a lucrative field.



” While the terms “developer” and “designer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing.”



About Program

Our program, Web and Mobile Development Technologies, is taught by industry experts around leading-edge content, and is designed to give you a firm grounding in strategic web development skills, with a specific focus on mobile development and user experience. The program is designed to help students develop the lifelong skills needed to rise to the challenge and opportunity of emerging technologies and engage in an area which is notoriously high risk and has an increased potential of unreliability.

During the program students will also develop independent research skills to manage risk and identify, recommend and deploy relevant technologies both now and in the future. Throughout the course, students will study with a diverse group like-minded IT professionals, share ideas, and build upon their professional network


Eligibility: Intermediate / 10+2
Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
Certification: JNTU-Hyderabad


This ‘Graduation in Multimedia’ is a unique and India’s First full time program designed in line with national and international industry standards. This program starts with  basics of drawing & computer foundations and then gets into the next level of high-end Creative Arts & Digital media technologies.

In the final semester students will step-out with multiple career internship opportunities or dual certifications under students exchange program with our international partner universities


You will undertake studies to gain knowledge in Traditional arts – drawing- sketching –study of anatomy, character designing, Storyboarding, painting, vector – raster digital art forms and designing aesthetics including web design.

Topics includes study of anatomy, dynamic posing, digital painting, cell animation and 2D based game creation, 3D content creation, Audio& video editing

You will undertake studies in Communication and computer networks, Web authoring program, Scripting languages, Web Project Management, App Designing and Management, basics of jQuery, Dynamic Website Development, and Relational Database Management System (MySQL).

You will extend your studies in relevant specialization by working on in-college project or join for intern to excel your skills by working in organization.


Eligibility: Any Graduate
Duration: 2 Years / 4 Semesters
Certification: JNTU-Hyderabad


This tailor-made M.Sc. program is designed to impart an immersive training starting from basics of Art & Design in the first two semesters and allows them to choose their desired specialization from the third semester onwards. It is designed to carve a student into a techno artist.

This program aims to provide a second opportunity for students in accomplishing their career goals through acquiring contemporary creative skills to prove themselves among the league of creative professionals.


Studies include Learning in Traditional arts – drawing- illustration-sketching –Caricatures, character designing, Portrait drawings, painting, and vector – raster digital art forms, Photography, 3D content creation, Look development and Audio& video editing.

Topics includes study of anatomy, dynamic posing, story boarding, 2D based game creation, basics of rigging and animation, basic Compositing techniques and Motion graphics

You will undertake studies in Communication and computer networks, Web authoring program, Scripting languages, Dynamic Website Development, Relational Database Management System (MySQL), Web Project Management, App Designing and Management, and basics of jQuery.

You will extend your studies in relevant specialization by working on in-college project or join for intern to excel your skills by working in organization.


Eligibility: 10th Class
Duration: 12 months
Certification: IACG/JNAFAU


This SAM program is introduced especially for the Multimedia aspirants from various educational backgrounds and age groups. This is a power-packed short term program, which directly touches the core and the required areas from the creative technology fields based on the learner’s choice.

SAM is an exclusive program offered by IACG with 100% job guarantee on a mutual agreement. SAM is recognized and certified by University as Finishing School Diploma maintaining the standards of MESC under NSDC. In addition to the IACG certificate, you can also get certified from JNAFAU under ‘Finishing School Diploma’.


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Campus Interviews




We believe in free will and playful learning which is delivered through our interactive teaching methodologies combined with traditional arts & digital technologies

JNTU-H Accredited

From the year 2003. We pioneered in introducing a full time Graduation & Post-Graduation programs in Multimedia with the support of JNTUH.

Financial Aid

We collaborated with SBI & HDFC banks to support for Education loans

Placement Record

At IACG, the core objective lies in empowering the students with intense passion and complete knowledge of the subject. This made it possible for us to achieve a 100% placement record by successfully positioning our students among the top national and international companies.


Based on the percentage secured in the last 6 months of his / her prior academic performance, a student can avail merit scholarship only for the 1st semester of the chosen program and subsequently can avail the same based on his / her academic performance in the following semesters.

Campus Life

Students are encouraged to indulge in various activities through our CLUBS & HOUSES showcasing their social, technical and artistic skills, thereby celebrating every moment of their student life with no swift diversions.