Life at IACG is more than just an academic affair. A raft of co-curricular clubs and life-enriching activities allow students to develop their innate talents and experience growth beyond the classroom setting. These clubs are integral to life at IACG and also help students develop valuable skills including leadership, teamwork and other life skills. The clubs provide an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity through various crafts, visual arts and performing arts while serving to preserve and perpetuate our tradition and culture. With multiple clubs to meet the unique interests of all students, life beyond the realm of the classroom is an engaging and inclusive affair.

The Clubs concept at IACG endeavors to develop awareness and appreciation for art, culture, sports, tradition, and application of creativity in daily life, thereby contributing to all-round development.

IACG not only offer the best multimedia courses but also provide students with facilities that are conducive to their all-round development to grow in their professional career. These student-led social clubs organize in-house competitions, events, and activities that encourage the IACG Creative group to develop self-confidence. Apart from offering excellent networking opportunities with fellow students, these clubs channelize the diverse interests and talents present in the student community.

The individual club deals with primary knowledge sharing among the club members. The experts in the club shall share their ideas, knowledge in a systematic manner. Industrial experts in the relevant field shall deliver a guest lecture based on the requirement. All clubs at IACG are self-sustained and self-financed wherein the students look after the maintenance & welfare of the club.  Due to the self-sustained nature of the club, the club members would learn managerial, technical, creative skills which shall prove to be a good deal for their future endeavors. The emphasis is on providing a creative ambiance and adding fun to campus life.

Dance Club

Dance is an amazing art form that expresses emotions. It is performed in different cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story. Dance may also be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication between humans. The Dance Club at IACG always remains energetic and leaves you electrified with the club members constantly choreographing new innovative and breathe taking dance moves to foot tapping music, be it hip hop, freestyle or classical dance. The dance club has dance groups, which actively participate in various dance competitions or battle against each other.
The dance club isn’t only about having fun, it helps the students to stay connected and understand each other and create wonderful memories to live along even after they graduate.

Photography Club

ClubPhotography is an art-form that enriches the vision of the artist. An artist looks at the world around him from a different perspective and he sees things differently. Photography is a way for an artist to express and interact with the people around him to showcase his vision, imagination and perspective.

The motive of the Photography club is to liberate our student’s imagination which allows them to explore and see things differently. Every student has his own vision. The club then becomes a common platform to showcase their photographs followed by the critiques. With a studio setup in the college premises, club members experiment and explore different types of lighting setups with one of the member acting as a model. For every new shoot, the club members divide their work equally where one group actively takes part and the other keeps track of all the photography competitions and workshops taking place in and around the city

Singing Club

The Singing Club at IACG has amazing singers whose voices will leave the listener speechless.

Gaming Club

The Gaming club unites all the gamers of IACG. The motive of the club is to dig in to the technical and artistic aspect of a game. As we know every game developed today uses different game engines such as the Crytek or Unity to render the graphics and make the game realistic. Gaming is now caught up in the fast lane and gaming has never been as interesting as it is today. With every genre of gaming getting intense with realistic environment, character designs, realistic themes etc… The consoles today, enable the gamer to experience the feel of virtually being present in the game.

The club members collect data through individual research to update themselves and fellow gamers to stay on top of the game. The fun part of the club is when the gamers form clans among themselves and put their skills to test in every genre of gamin

Acting Club

Acting is a very interesting art form where the person is able to express various emotions also controls them. Acting is spontaneous and highly creative. Acting demands the actor to have control over his emotions, thoughts and must be able to mould into any character. The acting club at IACG is always active with its members constantly building characters with different shades.
Before every session of the club, the members perform few acting exercises to get into the mood or the character. They are then given a situation where the actors have to change expressions rapidly or almost instantly thereby enhancing their acting skills and abilities.

Sculpting Club

Sculpting is an art form that falls under the branch of visual art which operates in three dimensions. It is registered as one of the oldest art forms, where stones were craved to make sculptures. Other materials such as metal, ceramics, wood, sand and clay are also used to make sculptures.
The Sculpting Club members at IACG create a skeleton using iron wires to get the basic structure to lay the foundation based on the reference. Later on, thin iron wires are used to wrap around the structure to it a onetime finishing layer. Many such layers are laid on the rig to get the desired curves using sculpting tools. Besides this, the club members work as a team to make one solid sculpture for an event

Guitar Club

Guitar is regarded as one of the finest string instrument and it is also common pick among the youth. There are basically two types of guitar – acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. They are designed to serve different genres of music.
The Guitar club at IACG has wonderful guitarists who compose amazing tunes. Every evening, after the academic hours, the guitarists gather around in a room and practice with passion. Every new guitarist is taught from the scratch. They are taught about every part of the guitar, the strings and also about how to read tunes.
The club members either learn how play catchy tunes which could be self composed or composed by one of their favorite musicians

Short Film Club

Short films are films with a very short duration ranging up to 40minutes or less. Short films are made by small film makers for non-profit or low budget films or sometimes no budget at all. Short films are usually made to prove the film maker’s talent. These short films are screened at local, national or international film festivals.

The club members take different roles in making a short film such as direction, cinematography, dialogue writing, sound editing, acting and dubbing. One person from the club keeps track of events happening, while another person handles all the equipment needed. Everyone in the club has his own role as making a short film is a team effort

Art & Crafts Club

The Singing Club at IACG has amazing singers whose voices will leave the listener speechless

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