Imagine being trained in complex surgeries without actually having to open up a real life human being. Sounds insane, but with VR it is actually possible, and achievable. With Virtual Reality, medical students can be introduced to the intricacies of medicine, surgery to point one, in a virtual environment which can stimulate an operating theatre. Students can be allowed to participate in virtual surgery that’ll help them identify problem areas of the case presented to them, designed by animators and programmers, and come up with solutions, without ever having to procure a body or participating in live surgeries.

Of course, it goes without saying that a virtual simulation should not be the benchmark in deciding a medical student’s calibre, and that real-life experience counts more than virtual, as there are many thousands of factors that can go wrong, a virtual experience not only can save the medical institute time and money, it also comes with a bonus of educating the student quickly and in a unique and interesting way.

VR can also help dentistry, with a program known as ‘HapTEL’ which is based upon haptics (Greek for touch) in order to train new dentists. This virtual dental chair includes a training scenario in which the student is shown a 3D set of teeth that they work on. Work on a VR program designed to train Paramedics is also under way, helping them with responding to emergency medical calls and performing first aid on the victims.

Science and technology has given us newer and better ways to fight diseases by advancing healthcare and medicine by leaps and bounds over the last few decades alone, VR is just another step on increasing the efficiency of healthcare professionals, doctors and paramedics into helping save lives, and it is worth investing in. VR Medical training and becoming a virtual surgeon can equip a student into facing an actual surgery and learning in less time that before, and that is better for all of us. Which just goes on to show that this world, with medicine being omnipresent, needs more animators and game designers, which we here at IACG are training. For today and for tomorrow, keeping the changing world in mind, IACG is ahead of the curve.