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IACG is India's Best Multimedia college love to inspire and guide you through any subject, develop new skills, or upgrade to the latest technologies.

About us

Back in the year 2002, we chose to follow our passion and disrupt the ‘status quo’. Our mark: to perpetuate a school of thought that inspires budding career seekers to find their true calling – a training paradigm that would help such seekers blossom into next-gen talent whose work counts as the touchstone in the creative, compelling and captivating world of arts.

Arts as a career discipline is so diverse, it presents a bewildering choice for youngsters who may find it hard to make an enlightened decision. To add to the burden, the training terrain is chock-a-block with institutes adopting the conventional learning approach: a fixed set of courses and little leeway for budding artists to discover and develop their innate abilities.

We set out to fix this flaw by spotting passionate students who had set their sights on a career in arts, helping them find their core interests while allowing enjoy the process of discovery and connecting them to exciting opportunities in the real world.

And yes! 20 years after we commenced our journey, we are delighted and gratified that our passion has worked its magic. And rightly, it’s the same passion and the tremendous advantage of choice that we pay forward to our students, who eventually go on to make their mark in the global creative arts industry, every single year.

We are IACG Multimedia College – International Academy of Computer Graphics, a valued mentor, choice-enabler and career catalyst. The India’s first Multimedia college to offer a full-time 4 years UG  and 2 years PG programs with varied specialization such as Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Film Making, Art & Design, Graphic Designing.

Our flagship arts program is designed to provide a firm grounding in Art at foundation level and followed by the specialization years that each student picks after the deep discovery of one’s hidden abilities, thereby allowing every student to hit his/her chosen career track with complete self-assurance. All programs are imparted by industry specialists who bring to each session a production level training, thus allowing for a real workplace training experience.  

Today, a prospective student of creative arts and tomorrow, as a promising professional of your chosen craft, you have the power of self-belief imbibed by IACG on your side, not just for the course of your tenure on campus, but for a lifetime. So go ahead. Make your choice. Find your future.

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Who We Are

A team of graduates from esteemed BITS-Pilani, with a great passion towards the Art and Technology and with strong real-world experience in media & entertainment industry founded “International Academy of Computer Graphics (IACG Multimedia College)”, in the year 2002. We pioneered in introducing a full time Graduation & Post-Graduation programs in Multimedia with the support of AICTE, APSCHE and JNTUH. JNAFAU

What We Give

As leading educators in this vibrant industry IACG Multimedia College is providing the best multimedia courses in Animation, VFX, Game Development, Film Making, Mobile and Web Technologies, we personally understand the student’s natural ability and accordingly inculcate “Creativity” with the right blend of motivation & inspiration towards Art, Design & Technology. We strongly believe in practical methodologies in implementing industry’s best practices within our academic vicinity through exciting and challenging day-to-day classroom assignments enabling them to make lucrative careers in the fields of art and design such as VFX, Gaming, UI & UX design, Mobile App development etc.

How We Give

We believe in free will and playful learning which is delivered through our interactive teaching methodologies combined with traditional arts & digital technologies. Further, students are encouraged to indulge in various activities through our CLUBS & HOUSES showcasing their social, technical and artistic skills, thereby celebrating every moment of their student life with no swift diversions.

Why Choose Us

Campus Life, Financial Aid, University Accredited, Digital Classrooms, Edutainment, Placement Record, Experienced Mentors, Latest Technology

What we Aim

Our goal is not simply making a student job-ready rather we strengthen student’s inner abilities such as IQ, EQ, logic, aesthetics of Art & Design, practical approach towards desired goals, which altogether results in building an independent artist with a global vision. We are striving continuously in “CREATING CREATORS”, who can take our very own Indian product to global market -“Make in India”.

Why Do People *Hearts* Us?

“He has shown how vision and commitment can form an exotic combination to deliver larger than life stories. He expressed his happiness to know that, IACG is delivering a strong production proven training content. “
/ Film Director

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