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IACG | Clubs Culture

The Clubs Culture at IACG endeavors to develop awareness and appreciation for art, culture, sports, tradition and application of creativity in daily life, thereby contributing to all round development.

IACG not only offer best multimedia courses but also provide students with facilities that are conducive to their all-round development to grow in their professional career.

These student-led social clubs organize in-house competitions, events, and activities which encourage IACG Creative group to develop self-confidence. Apart from offering excellent networking opportunities with fellow students, these Clubs Culture channelize the diverse interests and talents present in the student community.

The individual club deals with primarily knowledge sharing among the club members. The experts in the club shall share their ideas, knowledge in a systematic manner. Industrial experts in the relevant field shall deliver guest lecture based on the requirement.

All clubs at IACG are self-sustained and self-financed wherein the students look after the maintenance & welfare of the club. Due to the self-sustained nature of the club, the club members would learn managerial, technical, creative skills which shall prove to be a good deal for their future endeavor. The emphasis is on providing a creative ambience and adding fun to the campus life.

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