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IACG Multimedia College Infrastructure

IACG Multimedia College Infrastructure
IACG Multimedia College Infrastructure Office Space

Infrastructure is the key in any organization, especially in training, that enables life and leads to a smooth journey in the course of students’ learning curve.

IACG Multimedia College Infrastructure gives the most exhilarating experience for our students, we regularly upgrade it at certain frequency of intervals. We believe in sustainable growth, along with students’ career prosperity, that’s why we provide best infrastructure as per students’ learning requirements.

IACG affords students, professional training infrastructure and learning resources on par with industry standards. Practice happens on the same production-grade systems and with the same software that the industry deploys, thus ensuring that students gain that vital ‘on-the-desk’ familiarity: one of the many competencies required to hit the ground running. Our infrastructure features technology and resources that help students not just to learn and practice but also to discover and deepen their art skills. We are quick to invest in new technologies that can help our students advance their design/production skills, push the boundaries of art and be work-ready.

Our infrastructure span

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