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Student Testimonials

Mithun Velluri Student Testimonials

Mithun Velluri

3D Artist, Makuta

Instructors here are no less to professionals from the industry. They taught us all the things they know and acquired over years of production expereience.

Nuthula Anusha Student Testimonials

Nuthula Anusha

Roto Artist, Tau Films

Instructors are awesome with rich knowledge and the atmosphere in the labs is great and very productive

Tekula Vishnu

Sr.Compositor, Makuta

Coming to class is actually exciting and fun.

Nagendra Babu

Animator, Discreet Arts

Student work that comes out of here reflects the excellent quality of instruction as well as the students dedication to their work.


Sr.Prod. Coordinator, Prime Focus

I love everything about my college. My class, teachers, staff and fellow students. I learned a lot from here.

Sheena Sankhla

Compositor, Atomic Arts VFX

 I felt really, IACG VFX curriculum is really strong, and will make you industry ready.

Akash Podder

VFX Artist, Technicolor

I heard a little about IACG before joining through friends and online, and with that I joined. Now, I can confidently say that my choice was correct in VFX. Thanks to IACG.

Kamal Surya

Lighting Artist, Xentrix

I came to know the “collective activity” of film making after joing IACG and meeting the master trainers here. Thanks to IACG.

Jetti Sri Harsha

Lighting Artist, Yuva Animations

I learned and gathered so many new knowledge elements, through our mentors here at IACG and today i’m reasonably developed as an independent film and video maker.

Rapolu Sai Ganesh

Video Editor, Eenadu

“Fernando Solanas” and many other new names I came to know, only after joining IACG. Today my perspective of Film Making changed a lot. Thanks to IACG mentors.

Sourabh Vijeta

Modeling Artist, Dumadu

The real wonder of this program’s curriculum is, it totally embraced the rapid technological changes, that are prevailing in the present day market. It means I’m industry ready… Thanks to IACG.


Prod. Co-Ordinator, Dream Works

I learned all fundamentals in a clean manner about film and video production. Now i’m confident to take up any task as a beginner or intern in this field.

Palle Shashank

Concept Artist, Rock Salt

Students acquire a full range of technical and practical skills, apart from conceptual clarity.


Animation, Discreet Arts

This program provided me a comprehensive artistic and technical training. Thanks to IACG.

Lalitha devi

Animator, Cirqus

I clearly observed and enjoyed the kind of support students get (even I got) from faculty members, develops each student as a full-fledged animation intern artist. Thanks to IACG.

Hari Krishna.M

3D Animator, TAGS

The real beauty of my program is that I learned both traditional and computer graphics (CG), which is contemporary.


Animation, Xentrix

This institution gave me exposure to various Animation environments, in the form of workshops, seminars and exhibitions. Its awesome. 

Deepa Dosapati

3D Artist, Sphatik

I became CG artist, just because of my mentors at IACG. Thanks to IACG.

Vasishta Ram

Animation, Fire Fly

The curriculum is awesome. Clear goals and achievements.


Gaming, Crest Visuals

In the entire program, I thoroughly enjoyed my portfolio creation. It just game me a chance to apply all that had learned in the course of my learning…



I learned painting, drawing, graphic fundamentals, film grammar… what not. All the necessary ingredients made me sit in my loving chair. Thanks to IACG and its industry aligned curriculum.

Venkatesh Sundara

Animation, Technicolor

“Very healthy environment and taught industry best practices”

Mohan Srinivas

Animation, Think 3D

“Apart from regular our passionate education, the best of IACG is, kind of extracurricular activities that they conduct and other amenities they provide for students development, are awesome”


Animation, Discreet Arts

Very nice College with fully prepared and geared teaches for students benefit and betterment. Thanks to IACG.


Game Artist, Must Play

To start your career in Animation or VFX or Gaming or Film-Making, I can confidently suggest you, IACG is one important name among other players in the similar field.

Nangunuri Satyadatt

Modeling Artist, Digital Domain

Instructors are awesome. Teaching methods are awesome. Regular assignments are awesome, what else, I fully recommend IACG.

Karan Sharma

Game Artist, Verdict Game Studio

Good institute for Animation / VFX / Gaming / Film-Making or any specialization.

Yaseen Siddiqui

3D Artist, Anibrain

Hi all, i’m happy with the kind of content and quality they provided in my training here and i’m fully happy with this college. Reasonably acceptable fee structure, in comparison with any national and international private colleges.

Bojja SruthiSri

Animator, Cosmos Maya

I have fulfilled all my educational dreams with IACG, and now i’m ready for my real-life living. I’m fully prepared. Thanks to IACG.

Mehveesh Nida

Animator, Cirqus

Good College and Staff. Fully industry aligned programs. Thanks to IACG, I learned a lot from here.


Animation Artist, Technicolor

I have completed my 3 years with grt advanced knowledge and expertise here at IACG. Teachers are awesome, wonderful environment. This helped me a lot to get into my dream role.


Game Artist, T-Hub

It’s a wonderful place and experience with IACG. Every day is a new day with experiments and exposure, when we were in… Thanks to IACG

S.N.V.Sai Nikhil

2D Game Artist, Launchship

Most supportive  friendly environment. My heartfelt thanks to IACG.  I’m self-contended with the program I opted and completed from here.


Lighting Artist, Digital Domain

IACG Is the right Platform helps you to achieve your goals and succeed in your life.

Raviteja Eshwar Reddy

Match Move Artist, Digital Domain

Good Institute you can opt for design & creativity. They can impart Ideation skills, creative skills through various traditional and digital explorations. Thanks to IACG.


Match Move Artist, Sony Image Works

I Learned a lot form you, that’s why i’m doing great today. Thank you all you guys at IACG.


3D Modeling, Green Gold

One of the best places to start learning from the basic concepts of learning and competence. I’m sure if you can opt it, you can improve your knowledge, abilities and skills, for sure.


Chittaluri Rupasree

Modeling Artist, Tapnext Studio

I had experienced great learning with IACG. Thanks to IACG staff and management.

U Satya Sowmya

Graphic Designer, Technicolor

Service rendered by IACGians, for what I paid to them, was excellent. All faculty members whole-heatedly extended their guidance and advice to me, every time whenever I was in the need of it.

Shaik Nagoorbi

Modeling, Discreet Arts

Very important essentials I learned from this college, just because of that today i’m able to opt and continue my further education in abroad.


VFX Artist, Double Negative

After successful completion of my program with IACG, toady I’m in one of the top company in India.

Ippey Srikanth

Modeling, Technicolor

Great help and support from Instructors in and on time, through-out my program at IACG, made me what I’m today… Thanks…

Satyajit Das

Modeling Artist, Xentrix

I had a very great experience right from the start to finish. Thanks for everything, thanks to IACG staff and management.


Modeling, Game Shastra

All the staff were really great and very helpful. Thanks to IACG from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Pratheek Pratyush Ojha

3D Artist, Go Live

I personally recommend IACG for all students, who are planning Media & Entertainment education in Hyderabad, India.

Kandukuri Pavan Kumar

Animator, Maya Digital Studios

This program proved “beneficial” to me, in guiding me with the entire process of content creation, and gave lot of scope to explore and learn new methods of doing same old activity, within less time and in a productive manner.

Kommini Naga Jyothi

Roto Artist, Discreet Arts

The best part of my learning at IACG was, knowledgeable staff who helped me in adopting and implementing the best practices followed by the industry, with all thier production experience. Thanks to them and IACG.

Surampudi Priyanka

Modeling, Discreet Arts

IACG gave me the best. I’m fully satisfied with the program I opted here and completed.

Vadakattu Sharath

Lighting Artist, Fire Fly

Professionalism and Cordiality of IACGians would benefit anyone looking for a course in Multimedia, let it be Animation, VFX, Gaming, Film-Making or any other New-Media program.

Vipul Dureja

Animator, Prime Focus

IACG It is a wonderful place, where we learn new things and develop my skills, Thank You IACG.

Mulukala Sri Nikith

Prod.Co-Ordinator, Digital Domain

IACG->Most supportive  friendly environment->Am heart fully Thankful ->Am fully satisfied with my course,->Gonna miss those Days.

Gunti Sai Kaushik

Modeling Artist, Cirqus

IACG Is the best Platform for achieving  goals and success.

Bandhan Kumar Nayak

Roto Artist, Xentrix

I have leanest great things in IACG,and I got good knowledge in animation from IACG,Thank You IA CG.

Maremalla Ramya Rupa

Lighting Artist, Mandelbrot Studios

Thanks For everything IACG,Proud to be an IACGian.

Y. Bhanu Prakash

Rigging Artist, Makuta

Good Institute,where we can learn a new education in multimedia with a a lot of encouragement.Ideas skills , creative skills. Thanks for IACG


Modeling Artist, Technicolor

I Learned a lot form you guys,Thanks for Everything.


Game Artist, Verdict Game Studio

One of the best place to learn, the fundamentals and concepts.

Muvva Naveen

Lighting Artist, Visual Gate

Thank you IA-CG,Giving this opportunity the best college in hyd,Best teaching in this college, Thank you .

Phani Vihari

VFX Supervisor, Makuta

Great College to learn art , It was a great Experience.


VFX Artist, Fire Fly

IACG Is the place where iam becoming a animator and iam very happy to be here,Thank You IACG.

T.Lakshmi Narayana

Jr.Animator, 19th Hole

A Good Teaching and a very support for are more a very  new opportunities for our, Thank you IACG For your support.

G.Durga Prasad

Jr.Animator, 19th Hole

Thank You IACG  for giving Opportunity choose these when I don’t know where the way.

Jyothula Ganesh

Graphic Designer, Cognizant

My strength is IACG.

Bellamkonda Saida

Jr.Animator, Peppy Top

Thanks to IACG For giving me & head start by placing me in good company.

T.Venkata Durga Kalyan

Jr.Animator, Discreet Arts


Pebireddy Arjuna

Jr.Animator, Discreet Arts

Thank You IACG,the way they reach to teach you is excellent & If you have position you will have future every where, this is right place for it .

Kotikalapudi Manikanta

Animation, Ayam Animation

Hi,I experience a lot in college,especially staff are good and supportive like naveen sir(ps),Abboy Naidu sir(Maya), Those were so nice ,always their to enhance my knowledge in this field, we miss you sir, Thank you 

Manda Bhargav Teja

Jr.Animator, Discreet Arts

IACG Institution is a best institution  in Dilshuknagar, Excellent Teaching, More time to available to practice.

Tailor Nagaraju

Animation, Discreet Arts

I-Intelligence,A-AND ,C-Creativity,G-get to gether  in IACG.

Boddu Mahim Kumar

Animation, Discreet Arts

Thanks For IACG,for giving opportunity,Best teaching,so happy iam creating word,iam choosen animation field, Thanks fo IACG.

Suresh Kumar

VFX, Yell Ad Works

Thank you IACG,for giving this opportunity because I passionate a lot creating work so I choose animation field, IACG IS THE BEST INSTITUTION. LEARNING MULTIMEDIA COURSES.

Fathima Zahur

Animation, Disney Playdom

IACG Institution is  great from to learn animation in Hyderabad. Excellent teaching faculty and co-coordinators providing hostel is too good.


Animation, TAGS

Feeling Good.

K. Bhanu Prakash

Animation, Symbiosys

It cannot be explain in a small sticky paper,Thanks For IACG.


Animation, THOTS Lab

IACG Is the best college to improve our skills and courses, I did not expected in this type of education because it is the most improve our knowledge in skills in our life, it is the best college for learning.

Krishna Kanth

Gaming, The Chitrakars

Thank you for giving the moments to cherish entire life , Love you IACG.

Veera Bhadra Murthy

Animation, Symbiosys

Thank you IACG, for giving me the freedom to find myself.

Suresh S

VFX, Prime Focus

I’ve learned a lot from IACG,Teaching is very good.Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity. Thank you .

Mynam Durga

Animation, Symbiosys

Thank You IACG  for giving Opportunity. Best teaching im so happy in creating world, so I choose animation field IACG.

Desetti Satya Prasad

Animation, Maya Digital Studios

Nice teaching,Very Good faculty,Thank you IACG for opportunities.

Manatkar Ajnkya Sanjay

VFX, Fire Fly

IACG multimedia the name itself show the international standard where you can get the knowledge about your passion, best institute.

Dasohari Ashish

Game Artist, Technicolor

Thanks for giving this opportunity to be in this college .

Sankesh Babu

3D Artist, Maya Digital Studios

Thanks for giving me a wonderful multimedia skills to grow in future and friendly environment nature in IACG,once more thanks for lectures in IACG.


Jr.Animator, Discreet Arts

This is a wonderful place for a student to get a artist out of him, Thank you.

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