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Who is Houdini program for?

VFX Professionals

Who wants to elevate career in 3D visual effects by mastering Houdini simulation, positioning them at the forefront of industry technology.

VFX Students

Who wants to create cool explosions in VFX, immerse themselves in our Houdini course to build a strong foundation in Industry leading tool.

Animation Professionals

Who are seeking to expand their technical skills? Learn Houdini with us to create captivating visuals and unlock new career opportunities in Fx.

Gaming Professionals

Who wants to explore Houdini to unlock procedural asset creation and physics simulation. Perfect for crafting impressive images.

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Houdini Courses Highlights


Introduction to Houdini as a tool and basics of physics how realworld physics behaves, coupled with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, culminates in the provision of a robust and easily accessible 3D scenario experience


Geometry serves as the foundation of pop, playing a crucial role in the generation of particles. This is because GEO functions not only as the source but also as the medium through which particles are produced.


The amalgamation of fire, elevated temperatures, and intense heat plays a pivotal role in the genesis of pyro, and the actual-world phenomenon of combustion can be correlated with the concept of pyro simulation.

RBD- Rigid Body Dynamics

The Rigid Body solver (RBD) manages solid object motion and collisions separately from fluids and soft materials. Active objects respond to forces and collisions, while passive ones remain unaffected and stationary upon collision.


Houdini FX employs FLIP (Fluid-Implicit Particle) for realistic and controllable fluid effects like water simulation. The FLIP solver, using particles to represent fluid volumes, is a versatile and popular tool for fluid simulations.


Soft bodies exhibit flexible, rubber-like behavior, enabling dynamic changes in shape and volume. Unlike rigid bodies, they can bend, stretch, and deform akin to real-world materials like cloth, rubber, or flesh."

The Key Steps To Successful Placements​

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way​

We help each student in exploring placement opportunities by attracting top companies and studios for on-campus or off-campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the program and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year. IACG was able to maintain a 100% placement record because the final placements, at the college, are a result of very systematic interaction with the industry who would be receiving the periodic updates of the student works from the institute.

We support our students both within the classroom and beyond. As part of that effort, the IACG office of career and alumni success offers students and graduates an array of career-building services, including:

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“He has shown how vision and commitment can form an exotic combination to deliver larger than life stories. He expressed his happiness to know that, IACG is delivering a strong production proven training content. “
SS Rajamouli
/ Film Director
Mithun Velluri Student Testimonials
Instructors here are no less to professionals from the industry. They taught us all the things they know and acquired over years of production experience.
Mithun Velluri
/ 3D Artist, Makuta
I learned all fundamentals in a clean manner about film and video production. Now i’m confident to take up any task as a beginner or intern in this field.
/ Prod. Co-Ordinator, Dream Works
Sheena Sankhla_IACG
I felt really, IACG VFX curriculum is really strong, and will make you industry ready.
Sheena Sankhla
/ Compositor, Atomic Arts VFX

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