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Campus Life

Campus Life

Every student comes here with DREAMS and FULLFILLS in the course of learning, leaves us with so much of happiness. That is why we are very sweet and dear to our students. We provide the best positive and hopeful atmosphere within the campus. It’s not simply going through, instead here at IACG, we GROW along with our students’ lives.

Why Campus Life is Important

At IACG, we want our students to feel at home and enjoy their time while they’re with us. We are eager to see them thrive in the professional world. With a supportive, friendly and enriching learning environment, the campus is designed and purpose-built to promote student success. An array of in-campus learning resources combined with a wealth of social and cultural opportunities allows students to grow both personally and professionally. Home to scores of dreamers who are eager to paint a vibrant future in the fascinating world of arts, IACG is constantly buzzing with activity. We understand that the campus atmosphere, facilities and social environment impact the quality of the learning experience and play a pivotal role in student success, which is why we are always looking at how we can make our campus better and create a more enriching career platform for our budding artists.

Here’s why our students value the on-campus experience:

  • Purpose-built campus committed to student success
  • Warm, friendly environment to make students feel at home
  • A wealth of academic resources and cultural activities
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Student diversity with scope to forge lifetime friendships
  • Opportunities to build leadership and other vital life skills


A proud, momentous day for every IACG student and alumni.
Traditional Day:
Celebrating our rich tradition and the values that define us.
Sports Days:
There’s a champion in everyone: bringing alive the competitive spirit.
Pencil Day:
In tribute to the revolutionaries of the art world and their influential work.
Festive Celebrations:
Honouring our secular culture and the spirit of tolerance.
Halloween Day:
Playing trick or treat, flashing the jack-o-lanterns.

Our Campus Life

Fresher’s Day event is one such annual celebration hosted by the senior students under the observation of the academy staff and is intended to welcome new students into the IACG family.

Students develop their talents and abilities in leadership, teamwork, and organisation, through their participation in these events.

Best Place to craft your career

Besides being one of the best multimedia colleges in India, we at IACG make sure students experience for a lifetime. Campus Life at IACG give equal opportunities to all the students by engaging them in cultural, educational, social and recreational activities, which are an integral part of their education. This lead them to start various passion driven clubs such as Dancing, Photography, Short Films, Acting, Singing, Guitar, Gaming etc.

Leadership Qualities

The academy encourages the students to take over the responsibility of hosting & organizing the annual day celebration as well as some major academic activities, as they can overcome the stage fear and think positively towards developing themselves and the development of the academy. This made them develop leadership qualities and became one of the strongest reasons to become Entrepreneurs.

Our platform takes away the hard process of creating your career

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