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Google Classroom

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Google Classroom

Best Multimedia Institute in Hyderabad Google Classroom iacg

IACG Multimedia College uses Google Classroom – the best training system in the world and is very useful for training students online. Decades ago teachers used to give training to the students under the trees. Over a time, the training methods were gradually modernised from a small shelter to sophisticated classroom training. These developments have been enhanced with the incorporation of new edge technologies. Now, every student has access to the World Wide Web through electronic gadgets such as PC, tablet and mobile.

The gap formed due to the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a major transformation in the training process. Every academy adopts an online teaching method, and uses a teacher-student friendly application. And it is undoubtedly the ‘Google classroom’. Our aim is to provide a better quality of education. Because of it, we have been using this online training method very effectively since 2016. As we have the expertise to use Google Classroom, we run online classes without any hassle even in this pandemic situation.

Why Google Classroom is Best

It is the best training management system in the world and is very useful for training students online. It is the best application designed to bridge the gap between teachers and students in online training. This will help the users to interact, coordinate, submit assignments & project, evaluate and organize entire student academic programs. We strongly believe that ‘Google Classroom’ is like a personal trainer and the students who are training through this method will feel like home tuition. IACG always strive to provide the better quality of education and shape students’ careers brighter and brightest.

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