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As a Top AR & VR College in Hyderabad. We believe in free will and playful learning which is delivered through our interactive teaching methodologies combined with traditional arts & digital technologies.

If you’re not a techie, the concept seems like a contradiction in terms. How can computers interact with thin air? In reality, it’s actually dead simple.

Spatial Computing is the practice of using physical space to send input to and receive output from a computer. For several decades, we needed a keyboard and mouse to interact with our computers. So, until recently, most of us thought of computing as something taking place inside a plastic and metal box. The advent of mobile computing set us up to take this next step, and now we’re ready to take interactions with computers out from behind the screen.

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AR & VR Course

Diploma In AR & VR

Duration: 18 Months
Eligibility: Intermediate/10+2

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For over a decade, the International Academy of Computer Graphics has offered the best multimedia courses. The experts at IACG are extremely passionate about their art and are bound together with a common vision and commitment to giving the best training for individuals aspiring for a career in the Multimedia Industry.

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Hardware development in the last few years has accelerated to the point where we have a large spectrum of wearable Virtual Reality products. These include the high-end HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR all the way to economical smartphone-powered headsets at most major retailers. Products like the Google Glass and Vuzix Blade are good examples, but with Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap’s Lightwear poised to access mainstream consumers, we will soon see AR wearables gaining ground on their larger, heavier VR counterpart.

Virtual Reality is far most the latest technology that hit India creating a large scope for future young and talented students. Virtual Reality now used in a lot of industries like Automobile, Architectural, Corporate, Gaming etc. The field is growing aggressively in the last 3 years. IACG offers top virtual reality courses in Hyderabad, India, for those willing to jump in and devote some time for practice. It is designed to make the complex and evolving world of VR accessible to anyone.

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Career Opportunities

Start Own Company
Study In Abroad

The Key Steps To Successful Placements​

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way​

We helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by attracting top companies and studios for on-campus or off-campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the program and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year. IACG was able to maintain a 100% placement record because the final placements, at the college, are a result of very systematic interaction with the industry who would be receiving the periodic updates of the student works from the institute.

We support our students both within the classroom and beyond. As part of that effort, the IACG office of career and alumni success offers students and graduates an array of career-building services, including:

Land The Creative Art & Design Job Of Your Dreams.

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Why do people love IACG?

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“He has shown how vision and commitment can form an exotic combination to deliver larger than life stories. He expressed his happiness to know that, IACG is delivering a strong production proven training content. “
SS Rajamouli
/ Film Director
Mithun Velluri Student Testimonials
Instructors here are no less to professionals from the industry. They taught us all the things they know and acquired over years of production experience.
Mithun Velluri
/ 3D Artist, Makuta
I learned all fundamentals in a clean manner about film and video production. Now i’m confident to take up any task as a beginner or intern in this field.
/ Prod. Co-Ordinator, Dream Works
Sheena Sankhla_IACG
I felt really, IACG VFX curriculum is really strong, and will make you industry ready.
Sheena Sankhla
/ Compositor, Atomic Arts VFX

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