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Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Students’ life is directly linked with personal discipline. Even though it’s not enjoyable in the beginning days, but in the long run, makes their lives more prosperous. As you may have already known that “It is always better to suffer the pain of discipline in the beginning, instead of regrets at the end”. So, here at our college, no special motivation is required for our students, because they are all well disciplined.

Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging or harassment of fresher or juniors by seniors of the Academy in Campus, in any form, is strictly prohibited. All such cases will be intimated to the University authorities, which may lead to the cancellation of the registration number of the concerned student.

Attendance Policy

Student’s attendance is given priority in the academic life. In order to be eligible to appear in the Semester / Yearly Examinations, conducted by the University, a student shall possess a minimum of 75% attendance in every subject.

Examination Policy

The Academic Projects / Assignments should be submitted within the given target dates and non-submissions of the same would lead to disciplinary actions by the Management thus affecting the internal / external theory / practical marks accordingly.

Extra-Curricular Activities Policy

Management reserves rights, in matters of admissions, academic programs, syllabus modifications as per the industrial requirements / attendance of the students, extracurricular / co-curricular activities / students discipline and or any part of the topics mentioned in this document. Management decisions shall be final and binding on all parties concerned

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