On the eve of 9th Anniversary we have reinstated the Houses concept which was initiated in 8th Anniversary. The 4 Houses Armed Assassins, Lethal Lords, Rugged Rangers and Sacred Slayers are to their pinnacle of working schedules looking forward for their individual & teams’ best performances ahead in the 9th Anniversary.

The houses are meticulously involved in sports and games. They actively participate in Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Throw ball, Tennicoit etc pertaining to the sports and whereas the indoor games include Chess, Caroms, Computer Games.

Each event attracts different points system wherein each house shall be awarded according to the participation, winning streams.

All the houses compete for the ultimate prize of Best House Cup. The competitions are been held in a very healthy & sportive environments.

Every year the new intake is been distributed on random basis to each house providing equal opportunity to win the best house cup as well as the individual verticals of all the events.

A staff member is been designated as the House Leader and a couple of senior students will be given chance to act as pioneers. Such pioneers shall take the responsibility of selecting the best team to compete with other houses as well as ensuring that the events flow can be a cakewalk.


Armed Assassins

One of the clans formed for the students of IACG basks in the glory for having a glorious repute among the other clans of the academy. The main motto behind this initiation was to bring together the innate talent of all the students who have vigour to compete through high spirits.

Not only are the Assassins armed but as well are ready for the ultimate contest in; Sports, Cultural activities & socially useful productive work. Clan AA is known for it’s never giving up attitude & for the discipline it carries while in a competitive zone. Students who are a part of the AA team groom themselves to face challenges that approach them with or without an invitation.

IACG believes in having a healthy competition among the students of the academy as it brings in a sportive approach to a juvenile mind.  Never taking down the belief of the academy, AA has strived to make its mark both indoor and outside the academy.

One oath the assassin’s together stand for:

“We are the mystery men with the shining silver

  Cutting through the hardest is what we are made for

 We shall not leave any stone unturned or shall not commit sins

 Stand by; here come the ARMED ASSASINS”



circket                     circketaa


volley-ball23   volleyball      volleyball25


football    football56     football13     football12

Throw ball

throwball72     throw-ballaa      throw-ballaa34


  badminton1        badminton





PC Games

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kabaddi    ka1    ka2    ka1


cri2  cri  cri4  cri3


vo2   vo3   vol1   vo4 
PC Games

comp3    comp2   comp1

Throw Ball 

thro      thro2   aa


Lethal Lords

Resilient by nature yet easy at achieving the needed outcome; they are by name known as the Lethal Lords. One of the famous clans among the IACG pupil has been formed to bring in all the passion and valor together.


Performance is the main motto and result is the ultimate suffix for the members of the clan. Backed by the able support of mentors and the their native talent Lethal Lords showcase a delicacy whenever they perform in and out of the field.


Being a part of the multi cultured and high-spirited ambience it is an every hour testing tick, but LL as the Lords are known as; carry the sapphire with ease and make the clock take a peek when they pass by the corridor.


“Victory without vengeance & Skill spilling ease,

Ability to slide on the blade and an equal charm to please

Amicable we are, also known as the tender gods;

As we pass by, even the thunder applauds for the Lethal Lords”



cricket      IMG_4831(1)

Volley ball

volleyball(1)      volleyball1

Throw ball

throwball767      throwball45





PC Games

pcgames   pcgames1   pcgames3   pc-games



llk1   llk2   llk3   llk4


llc2    llc3    llc4   llc1


llv2   llv3   llv4   llv1

Chess & Caroms


llcr1   llcr2   llch1   llch2

PC Games

llpc2   llpc3   llpc4    llpc1


lltrw3   lltrw4   lltrw1   lltrw2

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