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10 Tips to Help you Get Started on Filmmaking Courses

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10 Tips to Help you Get Started on Filmmaking Courses

Do you dream of watching your idea turn into a blockbuster on the big screen? You’re not alone! Many Indians are now aspiring to become filmmakers, and rightly so. There’s much scope with the advent of OTT platforms and multilingual films making it big. The first few years as a filmmaker will always be magical and wonderful. You’ll be fired up with creative ideas and bursting with motivation. However, before you make your first film, getting the proper technical knowledge and learning the skills from the best film schools in Hyderabad can ensure success.

In fact, many students from across India have learnt filmmaking in Hyderabad and are now independently making films in various languages.

Here are a few tips to help you begin your journey:

  1. Study Everything you Watch.

    Even though you might not have known it, you’ve been preparing for filmmaking for years! Every time you see a movie, watch it with a critical eye and note down the detailing and plots thoroughly with questions and observations.

    The story is merely that which unfolds on the screen. The intent and vision of the filmmaker is layered beneath the story and its plot.

  1. Use the Internet Wisely

    There’s a lot of information online about the craft and several stages of filmmaking – through  podcasts, videos, e-books, interviews, and more. Before enrolling in a filmmaking course, do a background study to stay ahead of the competition.

    It will also give a realistic idea of what to expect from a film school and similarly, what is expected from you.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research on Film Schools 

    You can check online, visit campuses, read reviews, and consult your peers to shortlist the best film schools. Talk to the Academic Head and members of faculty to get an insight into the course and future prospects. This will empower you with more choices in your career.

  1. Understand your True Passion

    Be it Story & Screenplay writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design & Recording, Production Design, Production Management, Special Effects, and Computer there are many creative aspects of filmmaking. While your course will teach you multiple elements, it’s good to know what interests you the most in order to prepare for it in the future.

  1. Focus on Storytelling

    Cinema is a fascinating medium of storytelling. The story is the backbone of films; thus, it’s always the heart of your journey as a filmmaker. It may emerge from your fertile imagination or you may see it all around you. Remember that there will always be stories without films but there can never be a film without a story. So keep looking for ideas and stories before, during and after your course.

  1. Embrace your Unique Perspective

Since the birth of Cinema there have been many great filmmakers – everyone of them with a style and sensibility special to him/her. Film schools love hearing different perspectives from their students. Gain perspectives through unique experiences and let them come through in your application and course content.

Remember that though studying filmmaking is collective learning, iit is your individuality that will make you stand out.

7. Master the Art of Practice

The most exciting as well as challenging part of studying in a film school is not less of theory but more of practice. There’s just one way to prove your talent in the industry – practice! Whether you want to be a Cinematographer, Director, or Writer, keep practising your art; it will also help you in your course. You can start with shorter 2 to 5-minute films initially and then go on to a full-length feature film.


8. Become Friends with the Camera 

If you want to get behind the lens, the camera will be your companion for a long time. So carry it everywhere and use it to your best abilities to improve your skill sets.


9. Demonstrate Diverse Interests in your Applications 

The medium of Cinema encompasses a whole lot of other arts – painting, photography, dance, theatre, literature etc

When applying to the best multimedia college in Hyderabad, it’s nice to showcase all your unique skills, as it helps the admissions team shortlist you. The more diverse your knowledge and expertise, the better your chances of getting selected!


10. Keep Reading about Film Theory

There is practically nothing that can be practiced without a theoretical understanding. So it is with filmmaking. You must know how to use the language of cinema to get your message across to the audience. By reading the work of previous film theorists, you can be a better storyteller and filmmaker in the future. 

Whether you want to choose the best VFX institute in Hyderabad to learn graphics in filmmaking or join the best film schools, preparing beforehand will go a long way in making the most of your course duration and stepping out to make your blockbuster!

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