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All About 2D and 3D Animation Courses

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All About 2D and 3D Animation Courses

“Animation can explain whatever the mind can conceive.”

For the 90s kids, getting home and watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc., were always a treat. These were the superstars in the world of 2D animation. However, in the age of 3D animation, these characters are now like aged veterans. In 2D animation, everything was hand-drawn – frame by frame. On the contrary, 3D animation relies on animating objects and characters in a 3D environment using 3D software. Today, various animation and multimedia courses offer 2D and 3D animation for students. If you want to understand which suits your interest levels the best, read on!


2D Animation Courses.

2D is an art style dominated by producing a movement of characters in a two-dimensional environment. Thus, they cater to the length and width only. The action is shown using drawings and put in a beautiful sequence for an illusion of end-to-end movement. This style is often used in advertisements, cartoons, product videos and brand videos – for information and education. 

When you opt for 2D animation courses in Hyderabad, it is inspiring to witness your drawing transformed into a living and breathing character. The feeling of crafting emotions and motion with just a few illustrations can be powerful for any artist who undertakes this course.


What to Expect?

This is a great way to bring characters to life in the traditional methods, and if you’re an artist or love to draw, it could be an excellent stream for you. 2D animation is widely used in the gaming industry as well. With mobile games on the rise, you’ll have ample opportunities waiting for you after completing the course from top animation colleges in Hyderabad.


3D Animation Courses

3D animation is done with the help of computer software, and it’s more technical than 2D animation. It involves creating 3D models along with their movement in a digital environment. It’s a complicated process that includes modelling, animation, lighting, VFX, rendering and more. Currently, 3D animators are in high demand, and you can find a job in the video game sector, make movies and cartoons, or create high-end animations with a large team. 

The best animation institute in Hyderabad will help you learn 3D animation from the basics to advanced levels, including subjects like modelling, lighting, texturing and animation.


What to Expect?

You don’t really need to be a great artist to undertake a 3D animation course in Hyderabad, but your technical expertise will help you beat the competition in the industry. You can work at a gaming studio, digital video agency, animation studio or even a production house after graduation or post-graduation from the best animation colleges in Hyderabad. Subjects like body mechanics, 12 principles, and character walk cycles will be a part of your course, and you’ll end with a great portfolio and confidence in using animation software. 

After 2D, 3D is the next revolution in the animation industry that empowers you to create characters, environments, props and sets in a virtual 3D space with length, width and breadth. .

Animate a Vibrant Future with IACG 

Irrespective of whether you’d like to opt for 2D or 3D animation courses in Hyderabad, IACG offers an excellent platform for aspiring animators. You can choose a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or diploma program as per your career goals and get ready to bring your characters to life. The live projects, case studies, mentorship, placement support and cost-effect fees make us one of the best animation colleges in Hyderabad. 

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