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IACG student’s works in UNREAL ENGINE INDIA Summer Reel 2023


IACG student’s works in UNREAL ENGINE INDIA Summer Reel 2023



The Island 3D Environment project was inspired by my love for nature and fascination with immersive virtual experiences whereas the Ruined Shiva Temple in Desert 3D Environment project by a fascination with ancient ruins, history, and architecture. 

The Island 3D Environment project took around 3 days to complete and The Ruined Shiva Temple in Desert 3D Environment project Took around 2 days to complete.


Showcase Time Stamp: 0.03 RUINED SHIVA TEMPLE & 0.47 LOST ISLAND

 I’m new to unreal started a few months ago and trying to learn as much I can about unreal. I’m a VFX artist. From IACG Hyderabad. I have taken one or 2 references for each work and each work took min one day to one week

Work experience with Krishna video was unique as I was learning about allot of new things And Shiva was one day work I was trying to complete as soon as possible. ‘The Lost temple’ is one of my favorite works I have ever made. It’s really awesome to work in unreal engine.


Showcase Time Stamp: 0.42 FOREST LANDSCAPE

I am happy to share my one of the best projects made using Unreal Engine which is a Forest Landscape.  I had taken some references for my project using Pinterest, but maximum of it came out of my imagination and it took near about 7 days to complete the project.

My goal was to make my cinematic shots look as realistic as possible and some of the Unreal Engine blueprints and assets helped me to achieve my imagination.


Showcase Time Stamp: 0.56 ABANDON SCENE

As an arts student eager to explore new creative avenues, I ventured into the world of game development through Unreal Engine 4 an exciting, uncharted territory. I dived into my classes and other resources to grasp Unreal Engine’s fundamentals, determined to turn my vision into reality.

Abandoned Island me to complete the work in 8hrs. The reference I took was series small Islands. Completing my project, I marvelled at my growth as an artist and developer, excited to continue my journey into the ever-expanding world of Unreal Engine.


Showcase Time Stamp: 1.23 ALIEN ATTACK

I have made a multiple demos with the unreal engine all by myself I’m passionate to work on unreal engine. I worked on making games and landscape with some animations.

Recently I have worked on project in which I have made an alien world which is made from full of animation. It took me 5hrs to complete this work. The reference I took it was series alien world’s I recreated the small part of it and I’m looking forward to work more realistic work in this tool and I’m enjoying to work on this software.

We wish all the students a fantastic career ahead.

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