Infrastructure is the key in any organization, especially in training, that enables life and leads to a smooth travel in the course of students’ learning curve. To give the most exhilarating experience for our students, we regularly upgrade our infrastructure at certain frequency of intervals. We believe in sustainable growth, along with students’ career prosperity, that’s why we provide best infrastructure as per students’ learning requirements.

Latest configuration and well-equipped computers laboratory with high-end 100+ IBM & HP workstations. The systems are provided throughout the year, round the clock to students on a one-to-one ratio. We have developers as lab -coordinators to guide the students at all the times. For M.Sc we have designed a computer lab with 40 high-end configuration Apple Macintosh systems with WACOM Tablets for Digital Art Painting.


We believe in free will and freedom of choice thus we have a culture of open campus where students are provided with free unlimited WiFi and are allowed to work on their laptops anywhere anytime.







Accomplished with light boxes and comfortable hydraulic portrait chairs in the spacious centralized air conditioned rooms. Life size mirrors are available to sketch out one’s own action.






The classrooms are designed in a sophisticated and highly cushioned theatrical model. Air-conditioned seating system equipped with computer systems, high-resolution display projectors and audio systems with space for 40 students to be accommodated. We also have two spacious classrooms for Traditional Drawing and Painting.




The Clubs concept at IACG endeavors to develop awareness and appreciation for art, culture, sports, tradition and application of creativity in daily life, thereby contributing to all round development. These student-led social clubs organize in-house competitions, events, and activities which encourage IACG Creative group to develop self-confidence.



Treat your senses to the Preview Theatre, a one-of-a-kind theatre where you can enjoy every bit of your showcasing and viewing experience.

Our Preview Theatre boasts of a 35 MM DVD/Blu-Ray projection screen, Dolby Atmos audio experience and an ambience that will give you the perfect home theatre feel. Showcasing your works to the larger audience will be a memorable one, always!




Sculpting is an art form that falls under the branch of visual art which operates in three dimensions. It is registered as one of the oldest art forms, where stones were craved to make sculptures. Other materials such as metal, ceramics, wood, sand and clay are also used to make sculptures.






Sound mixing is a blend of Technical and creative education in Sound and Music. Here we train the students not only to understand the technicalities of Sound but also help their creative abilities to make music professionally! Every student here is duly trained to handle the intricacies of sound recording, editing and mixing.






In the movie/weather/gaming industry, green and blue screens are used. Technically speaking, the colors can be gray, white, black, or purple, but green and blue are used most often because they “stand out” the best. Our students get to access area this during their Vfx shots.