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“Psst Psst” looks like you are Animated!!


“Psst Psst” looks like you are Animated!!

It’s no gossip, it’s indeed very true that the world today is gradually inclining towards animated content for an ultimate end experience. Entertainment industry has time and again proved that it has numerous numbers of scope for all creative aspirants. And animation is one of the wings of art where a creator has content which can leave you spell bound.

From the “Lion king to the Toy story” every animated feature film makes us go awe as to how such marvels are created. Let’s just admit the fact that every animated movie we see leaves an everlasting impression on our mind. Huge number of animated content has been created by many artists and production houses across the globe. And there is no exaggeration in saying that this industry holds a superb future ahead.

The current Indian Animation industry is emergent by leaps and bounds and to add to its glory all the domestic IP’s are creating wonderful content to allure the audience. In such a scenario every company is trying to recruit well trained students who have a creative eye towards building memorable characters and animated content. Keeping in mind the advancements of the Animation industry, IACG has created the best curriculum (in coordination with the University & Industry experts). We at the academy offer a 4 year graduation program BA Multimedia & a 2 year post graduation program MA multimedia certified by the JNAFA University. 

Come join us to be a part of one of the most fascinating  journey and get animated!!

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