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Top 5 Animated Movies to Watch for Inspiration in Animation Courses

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Top 5 Animated Movies to Watch for Inspiration in Animation Courses

Top 5 Animated Movies to Watch for Inspiration in Animation Courses

If you’re planning to pursue animation and multimedia courses, movies are an indispensable element of your student life. When you look at the work done by Disney or Pixar, you will be motivated to pursue your education at the top animation colleges in Hyderabad and contribute to one such movie soon!

Art, design, and animation are all essential parts of a movie, but in an animated film, there’s a lot of scope to experiment and think out of the box. As a result, the director and animators have much more freedom to showcase stories with unique art – that either resembles the real world or depicts something imaginary.

We bring you the top 5 movies to watch in your free time as an animation student and take notes about the design, lighting, movement, and storylines to inspire your next project.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

If you want to study a little animation history, watch this first-ever feature film, a triumph of the 20th century. It includes hand-drawn creations for 8- minutes, something Walt Disney bet on and achieved incredible results with. It was the highest-grossing film upon release at its time and perfectly blended a heart-touching story with beautiful animation.


2. Toy Story

It’s the movie that changed Hollywood forever. This debut Pixar film ushered in a new era of animation with many creative risks. In fact, the artists at Pixar truly flexed their creative muscles throughout the four-movie series. It’s an excellent watch for one and all, but especially worthwhile if you’re looking to get selected at an animation institute in Hyderabad.


3. Finding Nemo

This is a masterpiece to study underwater animation. The way the characters are designed, the story is woven, and the animation execution is par excellence. Finding Nemo is one of the most loved stories of all time, and it is an excellent watch for anyone who aspires to learn at the best animation colleges in Hyderabad.


4. Inside Out

This was a storyline we’d never seen before – a profound exploration of emotional regulation depicted so beautifully! The screenplay was nominated at the Academy Awards, and rightly so! It tapped into human emotions’ intricacies in a way we have never seen before. This is the film to watch if you want to study how to be bold during your animation courses!


5. Ratatouille

A story of a rat aspiring to become a chef – the elevator pitch itself is so intriguing for this film! Ratatouille won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2007 and is still winning the hearts of students and kids who enjoy animated movies. It’s a must-watch to enjoy the storyline and learn much more about animation.



A few bonus movies to add to your watchlist – the Ice Age and Madagascar series for animal-based animation, the How to Train your Dragon franchise for some new-age art, Wall E to see some futuristic technologies, the Incredibles for some superpowers, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Moana and Coco for good-old fun-filled animation that is heart-warming.

When you decide to pursue animation and multimedia courses, make sure you invest a lot of time in looking at the exceptional work of animators worldwide. It will inspire you to work harder every day and make a notable difference in the animation movie industry.

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