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8 Exciting Career Opportunities in the VFX Industry

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8 Exciting Career Opportunities in the VFX Industry

VFX became a household name in India after all the buzz around the movie Brahmastra. In the last five years, the VFX industry has witnessed phenomenal growth, almost 50% more than its previous decade. Today, even Hollywood studios outsource their video editing work to various professional VFX companies in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. Every year, the industry requires over 50,000 professionals, creating fantastic career opportunities for students. If you’re pursuing animation and multimedia courses or want to join the best VFX institute in Hyderabad, we bring you the top 8 career opportunities you can consider after graduation or post-graduation.

  1. Rendering Artist

Various VFX studios and production houses hire rendering artists, who will be responsible for turning a 3D model into a real world to make it look believable to audiences. This is a technical and delicate job, as you must be able to transform the idea into a perfect visual.


2. Match-Moving and Rotomation Artist

After studying VFX at the top VFX colleges in Hyderabad, you could work as a match-moving artist across studios. It involves inserting computer-generated graphics in actual footage to make it look seamless, perfect and believable. And animating a CG character or object as per the actor or object available in live footage will be an essential part of Visual FX.



3. Lighting Artist

Lighting is an essential component of any film production – whether live-action or animated. As a lighting artist, you will be in charge of understanding the behaviour of lights and their interaction with real-world objects. It would help if you had an innate understanding of lighting and its importance in the storytelling process to make a scene pop.


4. BG prep(Roto and Paint) Artist

This is often considered a starting point for VFX professionals after completing their VFX courses in Hyderabad. It involves tracing the actors or objects in  live-action frames where the computer graphics interact and overlap with the live images – one frame at a time. And also painting out the unwanted objects in live footage such as track rails, stunt wires or any unnecessary objects.


5. Layout Artist

Your role is vital in the pre-production process and involves communicating information visually. Your job will include interpreting the script and working on templates to convert the text into visuals, type styles and illustrations. Depending on the scene’s composition, camera angles and more will be a part of your purview. 


6. Compositing Artist

Many students choose this field of expertise after completing their animation and multimedia courses in Hyderabad. Your role involves ensuring flawlessness between the live-action and VFX to eliminate any visual disturbances. You’re also responsible for collaborating with the lighting and surface executives and giving the go-ahead on the final visuals.


7. Matte Painter

When you see those magical and beautiful tapestries in VFX films, you will know that it’s the creation of a matte painter. The artist uses visual reference cues like sketches or photographs and turns them into realistic VFX scenes where all the action will take place. You can learn the skill sets for the job at the best VFX institute in Hyderabad.

8. Environment Designer for Virtual Production

Nowadays the utilisation of virtual production has increased a lot in VFX production, where the artist creates the virtual sets and the computer generated set will be displayed on a surround set  of LED screens, shooting the actor in such virtual environments will increase the seamlessness and turn them into realistic VFX scenes. You can learn the skill sets required for the job at IACG Multimedia as it is Asia’s first unreal engine academic partner.

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