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5 Tips to Choose the right Animation College in Hyderabad

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5 Tips to Choose the right Animation College in Hyderabad

Animation and multimedia courses are in high demand, with multiple colleges and institutes offering short-term and long-term diplomas and degrees. If you’re aspiring to build an animation career, it’s now much easier than before – you get access to free or affordable software, you can learn from the top animation institutes in Hyderabad, and you always find many new openings at local, national, and global corporations.


However, for a beginner, choosing the appropriate animation college is essential to help you leverage your skills, enhance your knowledge and improve your chances of placements. Therefore, we bring you the top 5 tips to follow while selecting the best college for your animation course:

  1. Choose an Institute with a Flourishing Track Record

A good animation institute in Hyderabad will showcase an exceptional track record of alums, placements and student stories. You can check their online credentials, read Google reviews and even talk to some students about their experience. The number of completed sessions and satisfaction rates can also help you decide. 


2. Look for a College that Offers 100% Placements Support 

Students and parents invest significantly in animation and multimedia courses, and it’s natural to expect a good package after completing your degree or diploma. So when you shortlist a few colleges, check out their placement records – corporate connections, average packages, % of students placed every year, etc. before you finalise on an institute.

3. Embrace a Tech-Savvy College for Career Advancements 

Animation is about exceptional drawing skills and the latest technologies and innovations. Production in the industry is often tied to the most advanced software and hardware. Thus, good schools must train students with cutting-edge tools to perform well in any studio environment. Talk to the shortlisted colleges about the technology they use to train future animators.


  1. Select a Program that’s Multi-Faceted with all Aspects of Animation

Animation is a broad discipline with many aspects like art, design, history, film theory, computer skills and various other technologies. Moreover, as a student, you want to be ready to find employment after your course; thus, learning the course’s different facets will help you stand out from the competition. 

Aspects of Animation_IACG

5. Complete your Selection based on the Faculty

Teachers or faculty members can make or break an institution’s reputation. The best animation colleges in Hyderabad employ the best professors for students. Faculty members should interact and engage with students regularly and help them become industry-ready. At the same time, they should be open to answering queries and resolving doubts from time to time. If the institute’s faculty has extensive experience in teaching or the industry, you have found a winning college!


The animation industry in our country is expected to reach 180 billion by 2024 at a growth rate of 29%. Animation is now an integral part of films, videos, TV shows and many other mediums, offering countless opportunities for new and upcoming students. By choosing the best animation institute in Hyderabad, you can secure a glorious animation career with unbeatable skill sets.

IACG Multimedia College celebrates a 20-year legacy in animation courses and offers the best 2D and 3D design learning for our graduate, post-graduate and diploma students. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects that help you embark on your dream career. 

Enrol now for our animation course and design a prosperous future for yourself.

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