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Yes Todays world is Gamified!!

Yes Todays world is Gamified!!

Yes Todays world is Gamified!!

Who doesn’t love to have hands-on experience on mobile and PC games, these days? Pick up any youngster or a game enthusiast, who is into gaming he will definitely give you loads of information right from the game accessories to the strategies that are used & implemented while playing.

From “Have you tried the new Pub-g Joystick controller” to “Hey check out the new HP Omen” this is a common conversation between every game enthusiast around the world, now. The gaming industry uses nearly 10 game engines which indeed have proven to be a great platform not only to entertain but to create a row of job opportunities for the new era of game people.

So how does one become a game designer or a developer? The answer would be “with sheer passion & enrolling into an academy which imparts contemporary syllabi and provides the modern tools with a game environment ”. Not only in the global front but also in our country, you will be able to choose the best of academies which offer under-graduation, post-graduation & diploma courses in Gaming.

IACG is one of the Top Gaming College in Hyderabad which implements the latest developments & requirements of the gaming industry and have handcrafted a curriculum which provided an in-depth knowledge and hands on experience for all the game enthusiasts.

Come let’s explore the world of gaming through our vision.

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