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Cool culture of IACG College and its industry reach!!

IACG_Cool culture of IACG College and its industry reach!!

Cool culture of IACG College and its industry reach!!

The new art fraternity is seeing drastic development in all the sectors of Gaming, Animation, Visual Effects & Graphic Designing. Also the novel generation of students are progressing very quickly along with the changing trends and technological development.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in Gaming, VFX or any of the multimedia related fields, then it would be best to join a college who have a technical expertise along with a university certification and an industrial network or tie-up to place a graduate or post graduate student in the most reputed organizations.

IACG-International Academy of computer graphics is one such place which caters the creative thirst of young and creative minds. With a proper course curriculum certified by University & hard-core faculty team and with a huge industrial reach, which has helped us to achieve 100% placement till date. Since the inception IACG has been focusing on making students production ready; i.e. every student shall master the basic & advanced techniques and shall be exposed a live industry working environment, which makes them cruise with ease at their workplace.

We at IACG understand that every multimedia organization or production house would love to employ fresh graduates & post graduates at their workplace, who are well trained across any specialization. Thus we have in place a 4 year graduation course, A 2 year Post graduation & 1 year diploma course for all the multimedia enthusiasts.

Along with a splendid approach towards creatively crafting the new artistic generation, IACG has adopted a culture wherein a student is exposed to many in-house activities which bring out their innate talent and lets them enjoy the feel of being a student. We believe it’s not just about making a student technically ready to occupy their place in the industry but to make sure every students who graduates from IACG shall hold a special position wherever they are.

Student clubs, houses, in-house competitions, workshops, seminars from eminent industry members; all these are part and parcel of a student’s journey at IACG. Every juvenile artist is unique and we at IACG make sure that all the students will cherish every moment at being at the campus.

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