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Animation the dream career!!

IACG_Animation the dream career!!

Animation the dream career!!

The Animation sector is booming by the day and to say that it holds a great future ahead is no myth. From understanding the essentials of storyboarding to completing the animation life cycle it’s really a fascinating journey.


We at IACG understand the growth pattern of Animation in the current scenario and welcome all the students who wish to make it big in the said sector. We just want a student to carry his or her bag of dreams along with them and IACG shall give them all the tools to turn their dreams into reality.

From many animated cartoon series on the television for kids to full-fledged animated movies, the creative world is trying to give its best to mesmerize the audience. Keeping in mind the advancements of the Animation industry, IACG has created the best curriculum (in coordination with the University & Industry experts). We at the academy offer a 4 year graduation program BA Multimedia & a 2 year post graduation program MA multimedia certified by the JNAFA University.

IACG having a huge industry reach wishes to create a splendid line of students who shall be fit to the industry demand as and when they complete their course at IACG. Along with a splendid approach towards creatively crafting for the new artistic generation, IACG has adopted a culture wherein a student is exposed to many in-house activities which bring out their innate talent and lets them enjoy the feel of being a student. We believe it’s not just about making a student technically ready to occupy their place in the industry but to make sure every student who graduates from IACG shall hold a special position wherever they are.

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