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Is this world ready to learn everything online?

IACG_ Is this world ready to learn everything online?
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Is this world ready to learn everything online?

Education pattern has seen tremendous changes since the past two decades . We cannot deny the fact that the black board & the chalk have been the best education tools since many years; yet the new online learning methodology has also successfully made its impact on the learning pattern.

So’ is it right to say that the world is ready to adapt to online learning? And the answer would be yes. The new generation of students are already in line with the latest changes in the technology and also they have started to appreciate the online learning tools and tutorials.

So does this online learning relate to Art also? Again we have to nod our heads in acceptance, because; most mentors & industrial experts in Animation, Gaming, Visual effects & Graphic Design etc..are sharing their knowledge through visual tutorials in the said fields and the same are easily accessible for students across the globe.

Also, most of the art colleges across India have opened their doors for such online learning methodology and in a dire situation where a student or art enthusiast has no access to physical learning sessions, will  have easy access to the online classes.

IACG- International academy of computer graphics is such an academy, which has time and again entertained novel ways of learning. With university certified 4 year graduation and 2 post graduation courses along with an Iyr Diploma program; IACG is trying to provide uninterrupted training for its students. Also students of the academy have been given an opportunity to interact with their regular faculty members through various online learning portals. From learning the basics of hand drawing to creating a model using Maya, students at the academy have unlimited access to many online tools.Now students will not miss any important session of theirs and will always be upfront with the syllabus.

 IACG believes in providing quality education for all the art enthusiastic students and with the help of online tools we are able to make the student learn without any interruption.

And yes like the rest of the world..IACG has adapted to online learning.

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