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“Animation” the saga of illuminated creation!!

IACG_“Animation” the saga of illuminated creation!!

“Animation” the saga of illuminated creation!!

Animation is indeed a true creative career!! The process of carving a simple sphere into a charming character and pouring life to it, which in turn fascinates the audience by its graceful movements is nothing but a well-crafted story in itself.

Every art enthusiast who wishes to entertain people with their art form, tend to create mesmerising animated characters which tend to become a beautiful part of one’s memory. And to accomplish such an act an artist needs tremendous amounts of dedication, expertise and a place where they can be trained.

Indian Animation industry is emergent by leaps and bounds and to add to its glory all the domestic IP’s are creating wonderful content to allure the audience. In such a scenario every company is trying to recruit well trained students who have a creative eye towards building memorable characters and animated content.

At IACG we understand the growing need of the industry and thus provide full-fledged graduation course BA Multimedia (a 4 Year degree program), MA Multimedia (a 2 Year degree program) & a 1 yr Diploma program for all the multimedia enthusiasts. These courses not only help the student to explore the various possibilities of the Animation industry but also take them through a well-crafted curriculum which makes them strong from their basics till the advanced level of Animation.

IACG-International Academy of computer graphics is one such place which caters the creative thirst of young and creative minds. Come be a part of our varied culture and tune your creative dreams into reality.

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